Wadia - Inside Pictures

A look inside a large selection of Wadia components
CD Mechanism Masterpieces

Now that all CD players seem to have to make do with standard CD ROM drives and drawers, let's have a look at some of the nice and sturdy, smoothly operating disc loading systems that are no more.


Classic 80's and 90's CD player list

Overview of all classic 80's and 90's cd players and their associated transport- and DAC types
Digital Classics - Generic
Philips and Marantz CD player classics
Inside Pics

A look inside Philips and Marantz CD players. All players listed are personal possessions, so all info is first-hand. These players still impress with their everlasting Swing Arm mechanisms and liquid, super smooth sound.
Philips CDM transports

Complete list with detailed photos and info covering all classic Philips swing-arm CDM's

Including the still current linear drive CDPro.
Marantz CD player Timeline

All classic Marantz CD players, in order of introduction date, with DAC/transport types.
Philips CD player Timeline

All classic Philips CD players, with production dates, DAC/transport types and original prices.
CD74 and CD84

Two near-identical players that sound entirely different

Be part of my board swapping party and see how I accidentally fixed a transport problem.
Extensive Reviews

Philips CD100, CD104, CD150, CD304MKII, CD880, CD960, CD473, CD614, CD624, CD732, CD850, CD940, CD951,
Marantz CD16 exclusive, CD40, CD52MKII, CD74, CD84, CD80, CD85, CD94MKII, CD11LE, CD12LE
Modifications for lightweight players

Some easy to apply generic modifications that will improve the sound of any lightweight player.


Digital Classics
Analog Classics (soon)

Bang & Olufsen Classic CD players

A closer look at two of this Danish brand's earliest CD players
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