Samsung LE40A 786 LED-LCD TV
Even though I realise that this review will be old news shortly, this TV marks a milestone in LCD TV design. So even though, by the time you read this, it will still be interesting reading because of the techniques involved. Bottom line in this review: This is a brilliant TV with only few downsides. In my opinion, the Samsung just as good as a good plasma, even when judged on their previously exclusive strong points such as black levels and contrast.
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-Samsung LE786 LED-LCD TV
Sanyo PLV-Z4 3-LCD video projector
This projector also marked a milestone, just like the Samsung LCD TV above did. I first bought this projector at a time when LCD TV was still expensive and also not very good. Later, the Samsung TV would replace the projector. The projector though, even though it is an LCD type, was surprisingly good with blacks, was very uniform and projected rasor-sharp images. The only thing lacking was the super brightness that DLP's seem to do more easily. By now it is superseded by the Z5, which is broadly the same, and an HD projector, which I assume is probably even better.
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-Sanyo PLV-Z4
HDMI video cables compared
HDMI cables do make a difference. To put this to the test, I just took 4 different cables to the test from QED, Oehlbach, Vivanco and a no name brand. It turns out that on a greater length (7,5 meters and longer) there are easily noticeable differences in sharpness, colour and blacklevels. Whether or not this is worth the sometimes enormous price difference is up to personal opinions. Shorther cables (1-3 meters) are way less critical and if you're not an absolute videophile, I would recommend just using standard cables.
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-4 brands of HDMI cables compared
HDX NMT 1000 Network Media Streamer
The tiny HDX is in fact a very comprehensive universal fileformat player that can be accessed over the network from an attached PC or vice versa. It can also play from an internal or USB-connected hard drive. But most importantly, it is capable of outputting stunning Blu-Ray quality video!
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-HDX 1000 NMT Network Media Streamer
JVC HR-S9500 SVHS recorder
Simpelweg de beste consumenten VHS machine die ik ooit heb gehad. Enkel een professionele Sony machine geeft een nog stabieler plaatje en heeft een degelijker loopwerk. Het loopwerk van deze jvc is een ramp maar als ie werkt, werkt ie. Zeer ruisarm en gedetailleerd beeld. Dankzij ingebouwde timebase corrector (tbc) ook superstabiel beeld.
Denon DVD-2910 DVD/SACD player
Average as a CD player but not bad with SACD's where it is smooth, fluid and involving. Its highs are fluid and airy, the pace is not bad and it has nice bass that's dry nor fat. But is not the most "live" sounding player, instead it has a slightly synthetic colour. Multichannel audio is a nice feature but I found that it doesn't improve the sound quality per se. Video by the way is class-leading. But we only care about sound, don't we:-)
Samsung UE55B7020 LED-LCD TV
Amazingly flat TV with impressive contrast and vivid colours. It produces bright and dynamic pictures that have incredibly deep blacks, unattainable by regular (FL backlighted) LCD TV's. There's some clouding but it's really only visible in totally darkened rooms and then only when bright and dark images are displayed at the same time such as when watching letterboxed material. You can then see some unevenness in backlighting in the black bars. But to put this into perspective: almost every LCD TV has this. It's just that the earlier generation Samsung LED TV didn't.
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-Samsung UE55B7020 LED-LCD TV



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Sony RDR-HX-710 HD/DVD recorder
Excellent video quality, inseparable from live broadcast. Fast and excellent interface.
Ricable Supreme AI HDMI
HDMI cable with active signal correction and amplification. This is the only cable I tried so far that offers the same performance in a 15 meter length as a 1 meter cable. And it's available in lengths of up to 25 meters.
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